How Our Male Clients Reverse Their Erectile Dysfunction And Regain Their Confidence, Without Injections, Pills, or Surgery

Giving you better control and more confidence during sex.

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Treatments include:
Hormone Replacement Therapy
PRP Injections
How Does It Work?

Dr. Cunningham consults with each client 1-on-1 to understand their sexual health challenges and needs. Together we design a unique plan that helps you get back the control and confidence you deserve.

How Is IH&B Is Different?
THe IH&B DIfference

Dr. Cunningham’s warm approach truly puts each client at ease during the entire treatment process. The combination of his warm demeanor and our non-invasive technologies set us apart from any other provider. With his expertise in the field, Dr. Cunningham is often hired by other practices nationally to teach his trusted methods.

Possibilities & Outcomes?

To turn back the clock on your sex drive and have the confidence to know you are in control.

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What makes IHB unique?
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