How Our Personalized Approach Helps You Reach Your Health Goals, Without Making You Feel Like A Number

Without Rushed Appointments, Co-Pays or Long Wait Times

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Treatments include:
Access to our Concierge Medical Care program includes FREE generic medications mailed directly to your home.
How Does It Work?

Concierge primary care allows us to work for our patients and not the insurance companies. Patients pay a monthly membership fee which covers all the care and guidance we can directly provide to you.

How Is IH&B Is Different?
THe IH&B DIfference

Utilizing the membership model allows us to put the focus back on you, the patient. Our goals are your goals, our success is your success. We work together through easier communication, more extensive and meaningful visits, and building trust over time.

Possibilities & Outcomes?

Greater confidence to tackle complex medical issues and improve you or your family’s health. A care program that is focused on outcomes while receiving unique & dynamic guidance for you and our family.

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What Makes IH&B Unique?
What makes IHB unique?
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