How Our Clients Get Rid Of Stubborn Body Fat and Build Muscle Without Pain, Downtime, or Surgery

Even If You've Tried Crazy Diets Or Other Treatments In The Past

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Treatments include:
Emsculpt NEO
Acoustic Wave Therapy
How Does It Work?

First, we figure out exactly what your body goals are to create a simple, but powerful care plan to decide frequency and intensity of care. Then we map out each checkpoint in your journey. Lastly, we combine our tech with lifestyle adjustments to maximize results.

How Is IH&B Is Different?
THe IH&B DIfference

We use combine innovative technologies that target the deeper, more stubborn fat that most technologies miss while strengthening your muscles. Without this, it's sets your body up to just regain the fat that you paid to have removed.

Possibilities & Outcomes?

Our method in combining multiple technologies to target deeper, more stubborn fat, and strengthening your core will give you results that last - and compound over time.

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What Makes IH&B Unique?
What makes IHB unique?
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What to expect at your first visit
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What is Regenerative Medicine?
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