How We Help You Get Out Of Debilitating Back or Joint Pain That Has Imprisoned You For Years Without Drugs or Surgery

Even If You've Struggled With It For Decades, You've Tried Everything & Are Close To Giving Up

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Treatments include:
Medical Shockwave
Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
PRP Injections
How Does It Work?

We assess a patient’s medical history along with what has led up to their current level of pain. From there, we determine the best and most efficient way to get the patient out of pain, both in the short-term and long-term.

How Is IH&B Is Different?
THe IH&B DIfference

Our approach doesn’t involve medications or surgery. We use non-invasive technology to reduce pain and inflammation to get patients on their way to doing more of what they love, without pain.

Possibilities & Outcomes?

Less pain in a safer way and the ability to be more active on a daily basis. To have your life back, to do the things that matter most to you.

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What Makes IH&B Unique?
What makes IHB unique?
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What to expect at your first visit
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What is Regenerative Medicine?
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