How To Get Radiant Skin So That Your Friends See You Glowing Without Downtime, Pain & Needles

Even If You've Tried Lasers, Expensive Skincare Products & Think There Is No Solution

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Treatments include:
Laser Hair Removal
Acoustic Wave Therapy
Chemical Peels
How Does It Work?

We consult with each client to understand their challenges and their skin & body goals. We then put together a customized plan to help you reach your goals and set you on a path to . A customized plan can include medical-grade skincare and/or our non-invasive technology.

How Is IH&B Is Different?
THe IH&B DIfference

We know each person has different skincare challenges as well as goals. We are open and honest about outcomes and will never promise results that are not realistic. Our combination of products and technology will get you looking your best.

Possibilities & Outcomes?

When you team up with us at Infinity, you can expect to have your very own skincare coach and friend. Expect little to no downtime along your skincare journey as well as results that speak for themselves.

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