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Two And A Half Minutes To Change Your Life

Ever wish all those 'man questions' bouncing around in your head could be answered by somebody who knew what they were talking about versus a random search online for answers? 

Dr. David Cunningham is your man.

Women have an OBGYN.  Men have Dr. Cunningham.  Watch the 2 1/2 minute video below, and if you're more curious, harvest a few more insights from the resources on this page.  You've got a penis, testicles, and there's no manual for all the things going on as you age.  But there are answers...go get 'em.

How To Ask A Doctor About 'Things'

So a guy walks into a Doctor's office and says, "I'm worried about maintaining sexual health."

Sometimes the hardest part about approaching this subject for men is approaching this subject.  Dr. Cunningham gives you the tips, and reasons, for making that first call.

What About My Manhood?

We all grew up watching super studly men doing super studly things...but we never saw these same fellas talking to their Doctor about a misfire, or a no show.  So the question begs, does seeing a Doctor to make sure all things happen as they should reduce my manhood?

Give It To Me Straight, Doc, What's It Like?

You got me thinking, I'm thinking about calling, but this is new to me.  What's the first thing you're going to do to me?